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Whether you are just starting your career, or already have years of experience as a live-in caregiver, LCA is the perfect platform for learning, support, and professional growth.



The Live-in Caregiver Association (LCA) is a nationwide member organization founded in 2021. Our mission is to educate, prepare, and support individuals interested in pursuing a career as professional live-in caregivers. We provide workforce development for free to our members!

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 You'll fit in at L.C.A.

One of the great things about professional live-in jobs, is that it doesn't matter where you are from, what you look like, or what your beliefs are.  ANYONE can make an exceptional, rewarding, and high paying career as a live-in,  as long as they are experienced and professional. Thats where LCA comes in. We can help.

Sandra's Story

“Living the American Dream” often means different things to different people. For one immigrant, Sandra, it meant making sacrifices for others in order to provide the best life possible for her three sons. 

Read her inspirational story...

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Professional Live-in Caregivers Earn $60,000 - $100,000+ Annually!

Unlock Your Potential:
Explore a Sample of Our Free Course Modules & Classes – Exclusive for Members! 

Module 1 of 6:
Must-Know Essentials

Join us in Module 1 which will provide you with a foundational understanding of caregiving, the types of care provided, the settings in which caregivers work, and the factors to consider when choosing to become a professional live-in caregiver.

Module 1 Steps.png

Individual Class:
Getting Paid Correctly

Now that you landed the big job, its time to get you paid correctly. Learn about how payroll works, taxes (yuck!) and how to check if you are being paid right.

Paid Caregiver
Caregiver Training

Module 2 of 6:
Introduction to Live-in Positions

Join us in this module, where we'll equip you with a comprehensive overview of typical duties and schedules of live-in caregivers. 

Tough Employer

Individual Class:
Working with Difficult People

For some challenging live-in positions, the care-recipient may not be the problem. Instead, it could others involved. Learn more here.

Module 3 of 6:
Legal and Financial

Here, let's explore the key aspects of the Fair Labor Standards Act and learn the legal and financial aspects of live-in caregiving. From understanding overtime pay to interpreting federal sleep time rules, we want to empower you with the knowledge to navigate your live-in caregiving journey.

Legal an Financial

Individual Class:
Handing In Your Resignation

In this class, we explore the best ways to say goodbye and navigate the process of resigning from a live-in caregiving position that isn't working out, and doing it with professionalism and empathy. 


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